Thought MASTERY Program

By Frederick Zappone

.The thoughts we plant in our .subconscious mind and nourish .with repetition and emotion will .one day become a reality.

...............--Earl Nightingale

We are either the master of our thoughts or the victim of them. Any time we feel negative, that means we are being victimized by our thoughts or the thoughts of others..

The only real weakness we have is underestimating the part our thoughts played in creating the 'good and bad' circumstances we have in our life today. This weakness was caused by us taking our thoughts for granted 

As a result of taking our thoughts for granted, we lost touch with just how POWERFUL our thoughts are to create our reality, every bit of it, exactly as it is right now.

Creating a New REALITY for Ourselves

To create a new reality for ourselves we are required to understand what it takes to give our power to desirable thoughts and how to take our power away from undesirable or unwanted thoughts that have the potential to sabotage us or do us harm.

Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically 

Everything we have, everything we experience, in life, is created by our thoughts OR our thoughts about other people's thoughts.. Often times, it is our thoughts about other people's thoughts (or actions) that cause us the most problems.
From our thoughts comes our actions (or lack of action) that result in us getting what we want or pushing what we want away from ourselves. However before thoughts have any power at all to cause us to succeed or fail, we must first give thoughts our power.

Thoughts Have No Power UNTIL You Give Them YOUR POWER

Any time you feel like something is stopping you from having what you want (or being as happy as you want to be), that's because something is, your very own thoughts. All thoughts for, better or worse, have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in our body.

Thoughts make us feel loved, Thoughts make us feel hate. Thoughts make us healthy and thoughts make us sick. Thoughts make us feel strong. Thoughts make us feel weak. It is our thoughts that make us feel the way we do. Thoughts make us rich and thoughts keep us poor. It is our thoughts that attract love to us or push it away from us. All of our power, ever bit of it, lives in the thoughts we choose to think about all day long.

It is our thoughts or our thoughts about other people's thoughts (and actions) that cause us to feel good about ourselves or to dislike ourselves to the point of misery.

Every moment of your life you are giving thoughts YOUR POWER.

Do you know how to consciously give 'your power' to your 
thoughts so they attract to you the things you want out of 
life with effortless ease?

Do you know how to remove 'your power' from unwanted 
and undesirable thoughts that cause you to experience 
emotional and physical pain?

Do you know how to neutralize negative thoughts 
so they cannot harm you?

The Thought Mastery Program gives you that information, in detail, so that you are no longer victimized by your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. The program consist of twenty-one (21) powerful 'cutting edge' lessons on the power of your thoughts. _________________________________________________________________

The information in my program is delivered to you in bite size chunks, via email, over a period of twenty-one (21) days. _________________________________________________________________

There is no homework, no exercises, nothing to figure out. Reading through the material, one time, will be sufficient for you to receive the full benefits from my program.

The information in the program is easy to understand and digest so that in a short period of time you will be the master of your thoughts and no longer a victim of them.

When you start consciously giving thoughts your power, you will attract good things to yourself with 'effortless ease' and at the same time you will be able to disable any thoughts that are stopping you from achieving the things you want.

Once you learn how to 'give your power to and take your power away' from thoughts, as necessary. the negative issues other people face, in life, will no longer be your issues. You will experience more emotional freedom than you ever dreamed possible. 

The Thought MASTERY Program puts you back in the driver's seat again. It puts you in control of your destiny, it puts you in control of your subconscious mind, making it possible for you to create your future life, your way.

-- Frederick Zappone



Thought MASTERY Program

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