If you are not the master of your thoughts,the thoughts of others will be your master and take you to dark places that you do not want to go.


In life we are either fully expressing ourselves or allowing other people or our circumstances to make us feel depressed or discouraged.

In my early years, every time I got up from an adversity life threw my way life knocked me back down over and over again. I could have quit, given up. I could have even committed suicide but I didn't. Instead, I used what 'life threw my way' to motivate myself to create a life full of joy, inspiration, happiness and prosperity. You can do the same.


Nothing can defeat or discourage you except your very own thoughts OR your thoughts about other people's thoughts, STILL your thoughts.


The Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter keeps you in an inspired and empowered state of mind regardless of any negative people or circumstances surrounding you.

When you subscribe to my thought provoking newsletter you receive 'cutting edge insights' on how to feel good, no matter what. The insights are based on the real life experiences, of myself and thousands of other people I have worked with over the years. No academic theory here.

The newsletter focuses on insights that make you feel POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE regardless of the negative attitudes of the people you encounter in your personal, professional or business life.

In the first issue of the newsletter, I share with you a powerful method, I discovered, for dissolving negative emotions and feelings with no effort at all. The information in my newsletter is guaranteed to bulletproof your attitude against the bad attitude of others.

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-- Frederick Zappone




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• Honestly Mr. Zappone, had I not found you and your writings, I'd be dead right now. That is how much your writings touch my life. - Cathy K., Pittsburgh, PA.



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