The fact is, I cannot love or hate something outside myself without feeling that love or hate within myself...j.mp/YSwdZL

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Making myself wrong for my weaknesses made me weaker. To solve this problem, I embraced my weaknesses. I loved them to death and in doing this, I literally loved my weaknesses out of existence.


Pretending to be positive when you feel negative will make you feel worse. Be honestly negative, you'll feel better. j.mp/JjtfZu

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Self love is all about you living your truth even if other people think your truth is negative. - frederickzappone.com

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Love is All I Know.....

This morning when I took my dog Mimi outside, this is what I saw. A painting of nature, painted by God for you and me. It even appears the tree up close and on the right is waving good morning to us. I am so blessed to see life differently than many people I know. I see love and beauty everywhere. Where others see darkness, I see light. Where others see ugliness, I see beauty. Where others see the end of things, I see new beginnings. I am grateful that I am able to see life the way I imagine God sees life, good everywhere and in everyone.. - Frederick Zappone





When you experience fear, doing anything other than loving your fear to death will make it stronger. Resisting, fighting, cursing your fear or wishing you didn't feel fear will only give fear more power over you. Love your fear to death and you will literally love your fear out of existence - Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know, : Amazon.com, Kindle Edition, http://j.mp/ZD95Nz






Love is a 'presence,' a feeling we can feel, it is a feeling far larger than the love we feel for one, it is the feeling of love for one, felt for all.


To feel more love, do less and feel more. Too much 'doing' blocks feeling love.



All Great LOVES begin with Great SELF-LOVE






For myself, love is the only thing worth knowing. When I focus on thoughts of love, worries disappear, fears dissolve and all of my imperfections are no longer imperfections I see but rather things I do that make me uniquely me. - Frederick Zappone




The harshest judges in the world are me and you. We judge that others judge us harshly and so they do.



Be Not Afraid to BE YOU......

You are unique and different than everyone else on the planet. You will never be fully happy or satisfied until you feel free to be you.... That means having the freedom to believe, talk, think and act differently than everyone else on the planet regardless of what anyone else thinks of you.

For example, while other author's go on and on, using more words than necessary to get their point across, I use the fewest words possible. As a consequence, all of my books range from 11 to 39 pages. that makes me quite different than the majority of the author's in the world. However, just because I am different, that is no reason for me to stop being me or for me to write lengthy books when I can say in 11 pages what it takes other authors 150 pages to say.

Being yourself begins when you trust yourself, your thoughts and actions and do what feels 'good and right' for you to do regardless of what the world around you thinks you should do.... - Frederick Zappone






By Frederick Zappone, Author of Love is All I know

When you don't fully trust yourself, feelings of depression wash over you, you start losing hope in yourself and worry, fear and anxiety begin making a permanent home in your mind. The absence of trust, more than any other virtue, has doomed many good men and women to failure.

TRUST the Moment

Your past is nothing but a memory and your future has not yet arrived. If you live your life, fully present, in the here and now, one moment at a time, you will literally become healthy, wealthy and wise.

TRUST your Dreams

Dare to dream big and allow the critics in your life to live quietly with their little dreams of lack and limitation. Do not argue with people who tell you that it is not possible for you to achieve the dreams you desire. The moment you argue with people about the soundness of your dreams, you have been defeated.

TRUST your Will

Trust your free will, your power to choose. Use it to create a heaven on earth for yourself. Use your will to inspire others less fortunate than yourself. Trust your will to see you through the tough times and when you do, you will experience the strength of God's will there too.

Trust Your Thoughts

Trust your best thoughts, your highest thoughts, the thoughts that inspire you the most. It is your thoughts and actions, alone, that have created the circumstances you have in your life today. If you do not like your current set of circumstances, do not mourn over them endlessly and do not blame yourself or others for what you have today. What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today.

TRUST in those thoughts that empower you and leave the rest alone.

Choose to think about and act only on those thoughts that strengthen rather than weaken you. Choose to think about thoughts that make you feel good about yourself always and in all ways. Choose thoughts and actions that lift you up and inspire you. Choose thoughts and actions that propel you towards your dreams. Choose your friends carefully. A friend who shares your vision of living a happy, content and prosperous life will do more to help you make your dreams comes true than a thousand friends who do not.


Trust that, beginning right now, you can create a "too good to be true" life for yourself rather than living a life that, sadly, for many people is "too bad to be true".



Things aren't going your Way??

When things aren't going my way, instead of getting all pissed off and upset, I silently (outloud when I can) say the following words:


I repeat those words over and over again whether I believe those words or not. The result of doing this is that the thing (or person) that potentially was about to upset me, doesn't.

Often times, as I repeat those words, the thing going wrong, in my life, abruptly corrects itself for no logical reason I can explain. This includes mechanical devices that stopped working. They begin working again as a result of repeating the words 'I Love Myself' over and over again.

This doesn't happen all the time but often enough to defy logical explanation and the times things don't correct themselves, it results in me being led to something better for myself...

Self-LOVE is truly MAGICAL.....


Check out my book titled: Love is All I Know, Click Here.



Being Grateful for the Love You Have Attract More Love into your life to be grateful for.






Thoughts of love produce feelings otherwise known as vibrations. When you are on the VERGE of reaching a higher level of VIBRATION that will allow you to attract to yourself what you want, with effortless ease, most of the people in your life will go silent on you. And some people will disappear from your life altogether for no logical reason you can explain. The logical reason is, of course, you are no longer vibrating on their level... Not to worry, you will attract new people into your life who are vibrating on your higher level and share your thoughts about attracting love, health and prosperity effortlessly. - Frederick Zappone


Check out my book titled: Love is All I Know, Click Here



When I begin feeling struggle and effort that is the God of Love within me telling me I am thinking thoughts and taking actions that are the wrong thoughts and actions for me.


Gratitude FLOODS The Mind With Inspired Ideas

Definition of Grateful:

1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received

2. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing

When we express sincere gratitude to the universe for what we have (or had), we activate the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' to bring more good things into our life to be grateful for.

Expressing sincere gratitude produces unexpected MIRACLES in people's lives that defy logical explanation. Expressing gratitude raises our state of mind to new levels of positive thinking. It calls forth inspired ideas within us.  Gratitude renews our body and makes us feel younger almost immediately. Expressing gratitude for what we have is a simple practice that produces MIRACULOUS Results.

All the good ideas you read about love that I have written that ring true for you are inspired ideas I received from the 'universe' as a result of being grateful for the good ideas the universe sent my way in the past. The more I am grateful for the inspired ideas about love that come my way, the more inspired ideas about love the universe sends my way.. - Frederick Zappone