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I am a happy, healthy, loved, and financially independent person because of one reason and one reason only. And that reason is because of the use of very specific self-love affirmations. On this page I will be sharing with you how the thoughts we repeat to ourselves working in partnership with our subconscious mind, and the law of attraction, create the life we want.


Self-love affirmations that work for everyone are not your traditional affirmations but rather they are 'single word' affirmations also known as keyword affirmations. This article explains all.

In order for your subconscious mind, in partnership with the law of attraction, to effortlessly guide you to (or bring to you) the things that you desire (love, health, money), the subconscious mind and conscious mind must be in agreement.

While traditional affirmations do work, they do not work everyone. Why? Because, for many people, traditional affirmations cause conflict between their conscious and subconscious mind whereas single word affirmations cause no conflict at all.

For example, the traditional affirmation I AM LOVED causes the subconscious to reject that affirmation. Why? Because if people don't feel the love, they would be lying to themselves if they said they were loved. And the more they lie to themselves about feeling the love, the more conflict they create for themselves. This problem of 'conflict' between the conscious and subconscious mind also applies to the traditional affirmations of I AM HEALTHY or I AM WEALTHY.

The fact is any affirmation that creates conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind stops the law of attraction from working in your favor.

When you feel conflict or turmoil going on inside of you that is when your conscious and subconscious mind are at war with one another. The subconscious mind will only act on (and manifest into your physical reality) those thoughts that your conscious and subconscious mind agree upon and accept as true.

This is where Keyword affirmations come into play.

Keyword affirmations are specific singular words. When you use my 'Keyword affirmations' (twelve in all) to achieve increased health, wealth, love or happiness, there is no conflict with the subconscious mind and results happen very quickly.

The simplicity of my 'Keyword (single word) Affirmation' system has produced incredible results not only in my own life but in the lives of every person who has used them.

The twelve keywords I will be sharing with you in my newsletter are specific words I discovered through 'trial and error' over many years of working with traditional affirmations and failing. It wasn't until I started using 'single word affirmations' that I experienced outstanding success..


Conscious Mind DIRECTS,

Subconscious Mind DELIVERS


The subconscious mind does not judge, it acts on our thoughts and turns them into reality.

Before I understood how to use my conscious mind to give commands to my subconscious so it could produce the results I wanted, I was an failure in three areas of my life; love, health, and money. I had five straight failed relationships, I was grossly overweight and I went bankrupt twice.

As a result of developing a powerful relationship with my subconscious I lost 54 pounds without dieting and enjoy excellent health. In addition, I have been with my forever love Vona for over 14 years now and money, well let's just say money is not an issue for me any more.

I always have enough money and when I need more money, in partnership with my subconscious mind, I am able to attract the money I want, often times, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

I just finished a 3,000 mile road trip across the United States with money that came to me from an unexpected source. This money also made it possible to for me to go to Alaska on an exciting adventure that included flying over the 7 major glaciers along with 'jeeping' into the wilderness with friends. The dramatic changes that took place in my life are a result of giving commands to my subconscious mind using specific keywords (12 in all).

Today I refer to these keywords affirmations as my miracle words.

I call them miracle words because when my 'keywords' are used according to my instructions,they make good things happen in people's lives in ways that, often times, defy all logical explanations.

The Keywords I share with you in the first issue of my monthly Keyword Mastery newsletter are 'single word commands' that you give to your subconscious mind in a specific way to deliver to you a specific result. The specific result could be better health, more love or an increase in money.

One of the first things you will notice from using my specific KEYWORDS is your thinking will change.  As a result of using my keywords, you will become mentally sharper and experience an increase in awareness. In addition, you will catch yourself thinking more creative thoughts and your behavior will change. You will find yourself taking inspired action more frequently and producing better results. These changes are a by-product of using my keywords in the manner I suggest.

In the first issue of my newsletter in addition to my list of twelve (12) major KEYWORD affirmations, I give you detailed information on how to successfully use those twelve keywords words to attract to yourself the good things you want. The information in my newsletter about your subconscious mind will make life so easy for you that you'll wish you had my information available to you years earlier. Sign up for my newsletter now, you will be glad you did.


--Frederick Zappone

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I have been a publisher, author and life coach for over 25 years. All the good I have in my life today is a result of being able to love myself through the tough times. It was through using specific self-love affirmations that I was able to make all of my dreams come true.- Frederick Zappone



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