By Frederick Zappone

After you read everything I have written on this page and downloaded your copy of my educational program about money, your relationship with money will never be the same. Most importantly, you will never again be victimized by money or experience a lack of it.

The hardest working people make the least amount of money. Why? Because they pursue and compete for it rather than developing the attitudes about money that would allow them to effortlessly attract it to themselves.

Many people don't understand the quotation by Jim Rohn that money is usually attracted and not pursued. What most people understand about money is that you have to 'work hard' for it and someone else decides how much money you will get paid for the work you do.

The people who have the most money know how to attract it. Attracting money is not some new age concept, it is the way rich and wealthy people make their money.

Attracting money, in abundance, is EASY to do when you have the right thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about money and when you don't, attracting money in abundance is difficult if not impossible to do.

Attracting money is a result of people understanding the natural laws of quantum physics and how your positive thoughts attract things to you while your fear-based thoughts push things away from you.

For example, I attracted you here. If I had not attracted you here, you would not be here now. Let me explain.

You arrived here either because you were attracted by something I wrote about money or because I attracted you here with an ad I created that you clicked on.

You could have also ended up here because you were attracted to an individual who told you about my 'cutting edge' work in the field of 'money attraction'.

The fact is If I did not attract you here to teach you a new way of thinking about money and your power over it, you would not be reading my words right now.



Insights About Money

  • Increased self worth increases NET WORTH
  • People pay you what you BELIEVE you're worth. What you settle for is the amount you BELIEVE you're worth.
  • If you are not creating the wealth you want that is because you are thinking the wrong thoughts and taking the wrong actions for you.
  • Everything in life, including financial abundance, is created twice, first mentally, then physically.
  • People who think money is a bad or an evil thing think that way because they have been programmed to feel powerless in regard to attracting the money they want.
  • To prosper financially you have to exchange your 'survival' thoughts about money for 'thriving' thoughts.
  • Making lots of money is EASY to do when you have the right Attitudes and BELIEFS about money and when you don't, it is hard, if not impossible to do.
  • Every time you come up with a reason for not having the money you want you pound another nail into your financial coffin.
  • Money used for good is GOOD.
  • If you are a good person without money, you will be a better person with money.
  • It is not your conscious thoughts that determine your financial success, it is your subonscious thoughts.
  • The financial results you produce in life are a product of your BELIEFS.
  • Set your financial intention (or goal) then TRUST the path your subconscious mind takes you down to turn your intention into your physical reality.
  • Being 'in it' for the money is a good thing when people use their wealth to financially support those people who are not in it for the money. People such as those who work for charitable causes that feed the poor, heal the sick or are working on bringing peace to our world.
  • If you have a product or service you are offering people and want to be financially successful with it, you have to BELIEVE people want it and want it badly. Having doubts about whether people want what you are offering them guarantees you that you will fail.


Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone. Before I was able to make the money I wanted, money controlled me rather than me controlling money.

I was a victim of money before I became its master. I became a victim of money because I bought the lie that money was power and I was not. This lie caused me to have some very strong self-defeating beliefs about money. As a result of having self-defeating belief about money, I was a money disaster before I became a money master, I went bankrupt twice.

I spent years struggling to make money and the harder I worked at making money, the less money I made until finally I was hardly making any money at all. For the longest time, when it came to creating the wealth I wanted, I thought I wasn't smart enough, worthy enough or good enough.

I got to the point in my life were I was at the end of my rope, without hope. I was in a state of despair when, for a lack of a better word, my Higher Power (HP) flooded my mind with a series of insights about money that totally transformed my relationship with money. As a result, my relationship with money changed from one of incredible effort and struggle around the money-making process to one of no effort at all.


'Money is Paper and YOU are The POWER that Gives Money It's POWER'


Making money, in abundance, with no effort at all, has truly been a MAGICAL experience for me. I am talking about 'real life' magic here, magic you can understand that will work for you. If you have been struggling to make money, what I have to share with you will change all of that for you.

If what you did in the past to make money always ended up in failure for you, what I have to share with you will bring an end to your financial failures, forever. If you are sick and tired of money worries, my insights about money will end those worries for you, once and for all.

If you are fed up with not having enough money or are tired of always finding yourself scrambling to make more money, the multiple insights about money I have share with you will end that problem for you.

My insights about money have proven themselves extremely valuable to the people who have read them. As a result of the encouragement I received, I put all of my insights into a program I call the 'Money Secret Program'

My insights about money have made it possible for me to only do things for money that are FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. Life without stress around money is truly the only way to live.


'Say It Often Enough And Your Word Becomes LAW In The Universe'


The insights in my Money Secret Program can be used by people working for others or working for themselves. It doesn't matter what your occupation or profession is, the insights in my money secret program will work for you. My insights are simple to understand and apply to your life. However if you are stuck believing that making money, in abundance, is hard to do, the application of my 'money insights' can be a bit tricky for you.

Because I know my insights about money can be tricky for some people to apply to their own life, along with 'my money secret program' you will receive a copy of my Money Coaching PDF file. This file was written to make sure my 'money insights' work as easily for you as they do for me.

A change of attitude about money took me straight out of 'poverty hell and into prosperity heaven.' The beliefs, thoughts and attitudes I will be sharing with you in my Money Secret Program will do the same thing for you.

Along with my Money Secret Program and My Money Coaching PDF file, when you purchase my program today, you will also receive a FREE copy of my highly acclaimed Tough Love Book About Money.

Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone



• A down to earth, no nonsense and concise book that tells you exactly how to allow money to flow to you. I am excited to put these principles to work for me. - Linda Altobell

• Frederick Zappone cuts to the chase. There is no filler here. He gives you clear and simple reasons why what you have been doing has not been working for you - as well as clear and simple actions to take to turn things around! - BJK

• I just read this book, and loved it. Finally, someone properly explains the whole thing about 'lack' and 'scarcity thinking' and why it won't work for you. I love how simply the ideas are put over, Mr. Zappone writes simply and clearly and comes over well to the reader. - M. K. Boers



Question: I want to buy your money program but I have a couple of fears. My first fear is I am afraid it won't work for me. Secondly, I am also afraid of being ripped off.

Answer: That is a common fear for people. It is not your fault that you have the fear of losing money. While this fear seems normal, it only normal for people who live with the fear of not having enough money. People who can create as much money as they want do not live with this fear because they know it is their thoughts that create REALITY for them.

Positive thoughts attract things to us. Fear based thoughts push things away from us, however, it is not our conscious thoughts that do that job, it is the thoughts living in our subconscious mind that attract money to us or push it away from us. All of that is explained to you in my Tough Love Book About Money that is part of my Money Secret Program.

To put your fears to rest, my program comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. Even though my 'credit card processor' offers you a sixty day money back guarantee, I will do better than that. If, for any reason, you are not more prosperous a year from now than you are the day you purchased my Money Secret Program, write me, and I will give you a full refund. That is how confident I am that my program will work for you.



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