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Here Is Why You NEVER Have Enough Money

The lack of money is never the problem, the lack of ideas on how to make or attract it, is. People don't fail in regards to making the money they want because they aren't smart enough, they fail because they are not INSPIRED enough. - Frederick Zappone, Founder of the Elite Money MASTERY Group


Technically speaking money has no power at all but that is not what most people believe.

Most people believe money is power and without it, they are powerless. This is their first mistake and in many cases a fatal one that has stopped many good people from having the money they want

Money, in and if itself, has no power at all. Money gets it power from you when you project your power away from yourself and into a piece of paper you call money.

Any time you feel bad about money that is an ALERT SIGNAL that you have projected your power away from yourself and into paper, metal, coins or digits on a screen that you call money.

Being unhappy with your money situation is really you being unhappy with you because money is paper and doesn't care whether you are happy or not.

The moment you start taking back your power that you have projected into money, you will start to become the master of money rather than the victim of it.

If you no longer wish to be victimized by money, if you want to take back the power you have given money, if you are fed up with having a relationship with money that is less than spectacular, my Elite Money Mastery Group is the answer for you.

If you want to make money, in abundance, doing what makes you feel most ALIVE, my Elite Money MASTERY group will show you how to do that. If you are interested in discovering things you can do for money that are FUN, EASY to do and make you feel good about being you, my group is for you.

The Elite Money Mastery Group is not a business opportunity of any kind. The sole purpose of the group is to inspire and empower its members to make money, in abundance, in ways that are in harmony with the rhythm of their own heart and soul.

Once you join my elite Money Mastery group, all the information you need to make the kind of money you want in ways that are FUN and EASY for you to do, you will find on the inside. .

In addition, you will have me as your personal coach for twelve months. My job is to make sure you succeed in making all of your financial dreams come true regardless of how many times you may have stumbled or missed the mark in the past. Your future success is guaranteed!

The membership fee to belong to my group for a full year is by a donation in the amount of your choosing. If you have less, donate less. If you can afford more, donate more.

Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone
Founder, Elite Money Mastery Group

Testimonials From Members of the Elite Money Mastery Group

• My feelings about money before joining this group was stress, anxiety and despair. Now it's hopefulness, eagerness and KNOWING that financial abundance is coming my way. - Lynda Sutherland, Canada

• I have been reading Abraham and studying the law of attraction for years but never have I understood the relationship with money as clearly as I do now. It is so true that you have to find what works for you and I have found my path here! - Dionshae Williams, Texas

• Since joining the elite money mastery group I have change my entire belief system on how to attract money into my life. The money is flowing in and all I'm doing is living my life exactly how I want to by following my heart. - Victoria Everett, TX


Feedback from the members of the Elite Money MASTERY Group

In the Elite Money Master Group, on a regular basis, I request feedback from the members to make sure I am giving them the inspiration and empowerment they need in regards to making and attracting the money they want. This is is sampling of feedback I recently received from members of my group. Member's names have been withheld to protect their privacy.

Since joining the group what is the most valuable thing you have learned about your relationship with money?

Member Response #1 - Where do I begin?! First I always thought I had to work hard for money. Not true. Then I really saw how my beliefs and FEELINGS were keeping money out of my life. Next I learned that the relationship with money needs to be nurtured just like any other that you want to be successful. After that, I saw that I really really could control the flow of money into and out of my life. This is where I'm at now. Working on those feelings that bring money or push it away. Awesome!!!

Member Response #2 - I have started respecting money. I am more conscious about my relationship with money. I have cleaned my wallet and I now keep money properly. I now positively expecting more abundance as my prosperity consciousness increases which is making me more stronger in my thinking. I have added more 'fun and ease' when thinking about money and less stress and worry..

Member Response #3 - The positive changes I have seen since joining the Elite Money Mastery Group are less worry about money and less hoarding. Because of this change more money has been coming into my life and I don't fear spending it because it's a never ending supply. I still have money fears that pop up, so I like having this support system. I also enjoy hearing other stories of struggle and success.

Member Response #4 - The realization that I was giving money my power was a big AHA moment for me. Whenever I feel money is bigger than me I remind myself it's just paper and numbers on a computer screen. That it is ME that has the power. .I think the most positive change is my life is that I've slowed down and stopped worrying so much. The fact that I KNOW and BELIEVE that the money is coming and it's just a matter of time. And all I have to do to receive it is just relax and have fun. Fun up until now always felt like an indulgence after all the 'necessary' things were taken care of. Little did I know that fun should be a top priority and everything will fall in line after that. That I need to live my life having as much fun as possible - how friggin cool is that?!?

Member Response #5 - I am so thrilled to be a student of Frederick's deep dive into the ways we attract money that we want with no effort at all. Thus far, it has been quite an illuminating experience. The material in the group is too valuable to bypass or rush through, for their is so much wisdom and practical direction being offered here. I am committed to transforming my relationship with money and know that by taking the approach I am taking, I will grow by leaps and bounds and ultimately find myself attracting 'at will' the money and experiences that I wish to attract. Thank you Frederick. I am so grateful to have been guided to you..



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