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By Frederick Zappone

The stuff other people taught me about achieving success turned out to be bullsh*t for me because what worked for them, didn't work for me. Here is what I discovered on the road to success that no one ever told me. This information may or may not work for you.

The road to success ALWAYS feels GOOD, if it doesn't, you are on the wrong road to success for you. Let me explain.

For the reasons I explain in my 'Be-ing Yourself' program, we were taught to trust our bad feelings more than our good ones. We were taught that effort, struggle and hard work is what it takes to be successful but that is not true for the majority of people who have achieved success.

If it was true, millions of people working hard at minimum wage jobs would all be successful but they are not. These people struggle daily to succeed because they do not know the one fundamental universal principle they must know in order to succeed with no effort at all.

You do not have to be like millions of other people struggling to succeed. You have a CHOICE. The choice begins by understanding the one fundamental universal principle that people must understand and apply in their daily lives if they ever hope to achieve the success they want.

The fundamental universal principle is this: Your feelings and emotions are your infallible INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM. A guidance system without error, that will never fail you.

Your guidance system works this way. Good feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of what you want. Bad feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from what you want. The sole purpose of your feelings is to guide you to what you want, it is as simple as that and no more complicated than that.

It is important to remember that all of your thoughts, for better or worse, have consequences and the first place you feel the consequences of your thoughts is in the body.

Taking actions based on feeling bad can never take you to any place good. On the other hand, taking actions based on feeling good always takes you to good places, to the things you want.

Now here's the kicker, when you are being a COUNTERFEIT version of yourself, you will feel bad. Any time you are not being yourself, you will feel bad. The more you are not being yourself, the worse you will feel. Every time you feel bad, you are not being yourself, you are being what other people want you to be or how your culture programmed you to be.

People 'be-ing themselves' feel good 95% of the time and when they do not feel good, they know that the bad feeling they are experiencing is an ALERT SIGNAL that they are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are the wrong thoughts and actions for them.

What follows is my explanation about what it means to BE OURSELVES...



Wishes come true, in ways that defy logical explanation, when you are fully being yourself.

I wrote a little self-help program called 'Being Yourself' because there is nothing more important than being yourself. You were born 'being yourself' but then along the way, for reasons you will discover later on, you forgot how to be yourself and that's when 'troubles in life ' began for you.

When you are 'Be-ing Yourself:

  • you OBSERVE more, think less.
  • you find yourself being HAPPY for no reason at all.
  • you relax easily and experience EXCELLENT health.
  • you feel safe, secure and LOVED even when you are alone.
  • your prosperity increase in ways that are MAGICAL for you.
  • you find life is EASIER for you than you ever imagined possible.
  • you spend little time worrying and a great deal of time in WONDER.
  • you trust your logic less and your INTUITION more. You'll do what works.
  • you are CURIOUS about everything and QUESTION things that don't feel good to you.
  • you discover you are far BETTER than you thought and not nearly as bad as you feared.


Question: Can you define what 'being yourself' means?

Answer: To be yourself means to have the freedom to be, do and have anything you want. It means the freedom to live life, your way, without harming anyone else in the process. It means having the freedom to earn money doing things you love that are fun for you to do rather than doing things that stress you out and leave you feeling drained at the end of your work week.

Being yourself is feeling comfortable in your own skin with all people and in all situations. Being yourself means freedom from worry, fear and anxiety. Being yourself is knowing that just by being yourself you will attract the perfect relationships (personal and business) for you.

Any time you are feeling anxious or stressed in any way, you are not being yourself. Any time you are struggling to solve a problem, you are not being yourself. Anytime your are being held prisoner by your past or controlled by the future, you are not being yourself.

We were BORN being ourselves and then we forgot how to be ourselves. The reason for forgetting is during our growing up years we were criticized, punished, pushed, shoved and pulled to be someone we were not. This is the source of all the problems in our lives.

One we forget how to be ourselves, we spend the rest of our lives playing roles, mimicking other people and doing what they do. In other words, following the example of others, we become counterfeit versions of ourselves.

These counterfeit versions of ourselves make us unhappy and cause us to 'think, feel and act' in ways we would never 'think, feel or act' if we were being ourselves. Forgetting how to be ourselves is the cause of unnecessary pain and drama in our lives.

The difference in my life since I made the 'conscious decision' to return to fully being myself has been nothing short of amazing.

Being myself has allowed me to prosper with effortless ease in all areas of my life. Today, I enjoy excellent health, have the perfect relationship for me and only do things for money I love doing, like sharing with you what I know about fully being yourself, always and in all ways.



Too Many People Undervalue Who They Are and Overvalue Who They Are Not.


People NOT Being Themselves Experience


Trying To
Fit In
When you
were born to

People BEING THEMSELVES Experience

Good Health


Anyone, under the right set of conditions, can be themselves for a little while, but to be yourself all the time, regardless of conditions, makes you master of your world.

I have written a powerful little self-help program called: BE-ING YOURSELF:

The program contains twenty-one lessons on what it takes to fully be yourself, at all times and under all conditions, regardless of the people or circumstances around you.

These 21 lessons are powerful, concise and straight to the point. They allow people to strip away from themselves all ' beliefs and thoughts' that stop them from being themselves.

These lessons are delivered to you via email, once a day for 21 days. The lessons are extremely easy to read and understand and will allow to experience yourself as the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person you were always destined to be..

Being Yourself Program - Table of Contents.

The lessons highlighted in RED are the ones I suggest you read more than once.

Lesson #1. The EASY way to make problems disappear.
Lesson #2. The Magic of Fully Being Yourself.
Lesson #3. Creating a Magical Life For Yourself
Lesson #4. Focused Attention Creates and Sustains REALITY.
Lesson #5. Connecting to your Ultimate POWER
Lesson #6. The Incredible POWER of The Moment
Lesson #7. Allowing Your Good Instead of Forcing it.
Lesson #8. Taming the Ego.
Lesson #9. Fear Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
Lesson #10. Depressed and Frustrated for a REASON.
Lesson #11. An Unconditional LOVE Story.
Lesson #13. Your INNER Truth Detector.
Lesson #15. Using your MAGICAL Mind To Solve Problems
Lesson #16. Don't touch that PROBLEM!
Lesson #17. The 'No Matter What' Change of Attitude
Lesson #18. Go ahead 'Feel What You Feel'
Lesson #19. Have Faith in your GOOD
Lesson #20. A WORD About Worry
Lesson #21. Living your Life, your way...


Positively Yours,

Frederick Zappone


Being Yourself Program

Simple, Powerful, Concise, It Works

21 Lessons in 21 Days




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