Self-Doubt is HORRIBLE
Doubting your ideas is one thing but once you start doubting yourself, you are SCREWED

Excerpted From the Book: Bulletproof Your Attitude


It's a fact, self-doubt f*cks everything.

The #1 reason people fail to achieve their goals, in life, is self-doubt. To succeed in your personal or professional life you must eliminate self-doubt from your mind. Self-doubt is nothing more than a 'bad habit of thought' that you picked up from others during your growing up years.

Success or failure in the areas of relationships and money has everything to do with how much or how little confidence you have in yourself. Eliminating self-doubt from your life will give you the confidence you need to 'thrive' financially and in your relationships with all others.


During your growing up years and well into adulthood, each time an authority figure (parents, teachers, ministers, spouse, boss, etc.) questioned you about what you did or why you did it, they made you doubt yourself. How many times have people questioned your decisions, choices or intelligence over the years? If you are like most people I know, it happened too many for you to remember.

When people question what you are doing or why you are doing it, they are planting seeds of self-doubt in your mind.

Doubting your ideas can help you build a better 'mouse trap' by inspiring you to come up with better ideas on how to build that better trap.

Doubting your ideas is one thing but doubting yourself is another story altogether. Once you starting doubting yourself, you are screwed. The only thing that ever comes out of 'self-doubt' is failure.

Self-doubt is wicked, it is pure evil.

Self-doubt undermines your confidence in yourself and makes you forget how valuable, smart and intelligence you truly are. As you continue reading through my book you will find an abundance of 'cutting edge' insights that will make doubting yourself a thing of the past for you.

Once you eliminate self-doubt from your mind, your confidence in yourself will soar to extraordinary heights. The elimination of self-doubt from your mind will make you the hero in your own life.

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