It took me a very long time to discover that to EASILY attract to myself the good things I wanted out of life, simple 'mental tools' work best. The simplicity of my 'Keyword Affirmations' system has produced stunning results for me.

It took practice until I fully accepted 'Keyword Affirmations' and became comfortable with them but since that time I have never had a bad day. I  have had 'bad moments' but those moments passed quickly because of using them.

Keyword Affirmations have proven to be the fastest way to achieve consistent law of attraction success - Frederick Zappone

While traditional affirmations do work, surprisingly they do not work for as many people as you think they should. Why? Because, for many, traditional affirmations cause conflict between their conscious and subconscious mind.

For example the affirmation I AM HEALTHY for many people will immediately cause their subconscious mind to disagree with it. Why? Because if people don't feel healthy, they would be lying to themselves if they said they were.

The same is true with the affirmation, I AM WEALTHY. That affirmation causes conflict for many people because they know when they say it, it is not yet true for them. As a result, the subconscious mind rejects that thought.

The subconscious mind will only act on (and manifest into your physical reality) those thoughts that it accepts as true.

The fact is any affirmation that creates conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind stops the law of attraction from working in your favor.

When you use the 12 Keyword affirmations I recommend in my newsletter to achieve increased health, wealth, and happiness in your life, there is no conflict with the subconscious mind and results happen very quickly.

Everyone who has used my 'Keyword affirmations' the way I recommend them to be used has experienced success with them. The success some folks have had has been so extraordinary that their results defied all logical explanations.

In the first issue of my Keyword Affirmation Mastery newsletter I list the twelve (12) major KEYWORD affirmations you can use that cover every conceivable situation you could possible face in life.

Once a KEYWORD is successfully anchored to the subconscious mind it will produce amazing results, in your life, in a very, very short period of time.

In order for the subconscious mind to inspire, guide or led you to what you want, the subconscious and conscious mind must be in agreement.

Keyword Affirmations are the easiest and fastest way to get your conscious and subconscious mind in agreement with one another so that you can attract the good things you want out of life with no effort at all.


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In the first issue of my newsletter along with a list of the 12 major Keyword affirmations I include detailed instructions on how to use the keywords to produce results, in your life, quickly. The first issue also includes 10 powerful new insights into the workings of the subconscious mind plus the true story about how the subconscious mind drove one man insane. You will receive a total of twelve 'Keyword Affirmation Mastery Newsletters' from me Over The Next 12 Months. It took me years to discover and successfully test the 12 major keywords you will receive from me. The simplicity of my Keyword affirmation system is absolutely genius - Frederick Zappone

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The Keyword Affirmation system you just read about is the same system I use to attract people to buy my 'high end' Money Mastery and my Self-love Program. I don't advertise my programs. I simply use the Keyword Affirmations I discovered that work and the Universe does the rest. When something 'goes viral' for me guaranteed it is the universe at work responding faithfully to my Keyword Affirmations. - Frederick Zappone