Watch Me Make My MILLION DOLLAR Intention Come True Through The Power Of LOVE And The right use of the Law of Attraction

I invite you along for the ride.

Watch my progress and the insights I share with you daily about making my MILLION DOLLAR intention come true. My intention is for 1,000,000 people to sign up for my 21 Day Self-Love Program for a $1.00 donation (see program below) within twelve months of, February 22, 2015, without advertising my program.

I am no internet marketing genius. Since 1998, when I quit my job, I haven't successfully marketed a thing on the internet. In fact, my income from my internet activities since 1998 is MINUS $100,000. Based on my track record the odds are against me. That being said, my track record does not predict my future success, I do.

THE CROWD YELLS OUT: Your intention is outrageous and illogical

I RESPOND: And so it is

Who am I to make this kind of intention come true. I am no one famous, I do not have any celebrity friends and I am not related to anyone with money, influence or power.. However, in my own eyes, without being arrogant about it in any way, I am magnificent, lovable to the core and POWERFUL beyond belief ( and you are too).

Each day, on this page for the next twelve months, I will post the daily results (the number of people who signed up for my Self-Love program) The fact is, it does not matter if I produce ZERO results the first eleven months, it only matters that by the end of the 12th month, 1,000,000 people signed up for my 21 day Program.

I must admit I feel a bit foolish doing this in public (what if I fail) but my self-doubt is NEUTRALIZED by my faith, my current understanding of the law of attraction and what my success will mean to the people who follow my progress. A wise man once said to me: "Frederick, if you want people to see you as brilliant, you must be willing to risk making a jackass of yourself from time to time." This is one of those times for me, - Frederick Zappone

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It is Powerful, Compassionate, Concise, And Ridiculously Cheap

Loving ourselves is not being selfish or conceited, it is a powerful act of self care.

As I discovered the hard way, nothing good ever came out of feeling bad, hating myself, putting myself down or criticizing myself in any way.

If someone told me, when I was I younger that by loving myself more I would solve every problem I had (including money and health problems), I would have started working on loving myself more years ago. Listed below are ten benefits of loving yourself more.

1. Health and energy improves spontaneously, as if by magic.

2. Doubts about yourself and your ability to succeed vanish.

3. Finding and enjoying 'loving relationships' is easy to do.

4. Worry and fear begin disappearing for no logical reason you can explain.

5. People's disapproval of what you say and do no longer bothers you.

6. Accepting and approving of yourself, exactly as you are, is easy to do.

7. Guilt, blame and shame become non-issues for you.

8. Your mind transforms itself from one of conflict to one of peace.

9. Money ceases being a problem for you, abundance flows easily.

10. You find it easy to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made..

Forgiving yourself for not being strong enough, smart enough, good looking enough or knowing the solution to every problem is a very important part of loving yourself..

When I started on my self-love journey I found out there wasn't a lot of material available that could precisely tell me how to love myself more. Most of the material I read was either too complicated to understand or it was written by people who actually believed self-love was a selfish act rather than an act of self-care.

As I progressed through the stages of loving myself more I kept detailed notes and wrote down everything I was learning about loving myself sufficiently.

I wrote down every thought and every insight that caused me to love myself more. Those thoughts and insights made me, consistently, feel warm and fuzzy on the inside regardless of the negative people and circumstances outside of me.

After sharing my thoughts and insights about self-love with some of my close friends, I was encouraged to make my thoughts and insights on self-love available to anyone who was interested in them. As a result of the encouragement I received, everything I learned about loving myself sufficiently I put into a program I call Self-Love.

I want everyone who is interested in loving themselves more to have my program without money being a problem for them. As a result, I have made my Self-Love program available to people for a donation in the amount of their choosing.

As you read through your copy of my Self-Love program, if you have questions about about the easiest and fastest way to love yourself best, send them my way. You will receive a reply back from me as quickly as possible,



Frederick Zappone



The content of my program is delivered to you in bite size chunks over a period of twenty-one days via email. This makes the content of my program easy to digest, understand and apply to your busy daily life.- Frederick Zappone

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What people saying about my writings

•"I have studied tons of psychological literature in my work, from ancient times till present theories, and none of them allowed me to achieve such deep insights in such a short period of time as your material has." -Katerina Bosin M.D , Tennessee

• "The information in your writings gave me so many insights and answers. It is a jewel, a part of God speaking through this medium. It helps on all levels‘of development." There is more power in your writings than all of those lengthy books."- Thank You! Ciprian Ostap, Canada

• "I don't think I could have gotten through what I have, much less turned my life around, if I hadn't discovered your writings. You will never know the miracle you caused in my life." - Liz, CA

• "There is absolutely much more results with your information than there is with our psychological service. I can see God in you and feel His presence around you." Hilda, Western, Pennsylvania

• Honestly Mr. Zappone, had I not found you and your writings, I'd be dead right now. That is how much your writings touch my life. - Cathy K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• I have just started reading and I know these things are very true, as I have always known, but to read what has been handed to you makes it more real for me and much easier to believe in myself. Thank you both for the insights and the reinforcement I needed. - Donna Marie - Canada

• I believe your writings have hit the target. You have a way, through your writings, to hold our hands and guided us slowly and cautiously down a path and I admire that quality. - Terri

• The kind of writing that you are doing is what thousands of us are looking for. You write extremely well and get to the heart of the matter in a matter of minutes. - James Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan