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Money is paper and YOU are the POWER that gives money its power.

When it comes to money, are you a Category A or a Category B person?


Category A

I'm excellent at making money but lousy at hanging on to what I make.

If you are a category A person, I can show you the attitudes and strategies needed so you never become part of a group of people known as the 'rich broke'. They makes lots of money but always lose it.

Category B

I want to work less and make more money. I want paid what I'm worth.

If you are a category B person, I can show you how to create more money in less time doing things for money that are in harmony with the rhythm of our own heart, mind and soul.

Technically speaking money has no power at all but that is not what you believe. You believe money is power and without it, you are powerless. This is your first mistake and in many cases a fatal mistake that has stopped many good people from having the money they want and being happy and content too.

Money, in and if itself, has no power at all. Money gets it power from you when you project your power away from yourself and into a piece of paper you call money.

Any time you feel bad about money that is an ALERT SIGNAL that you have projected your power away from yourself and into paper, metal, coins or digits on a screen that you call money.

Being unhappy with your money situation is really you being unhappy with you because money is paper and doesn't care whether you are happy or not.

The moment you start taking back your power that you have projected into money, you will start to become the master of money rather than the victim of it.

If you no longer wish to be victimized by money, if you want to take back the power you have given money, if you are fed up with having a relationship with money that is less than spectacular, my Elite Money Mastery Group is the answer for you.

If you want to make money, in abundance, doing what makes you feel most alive or if you want to do a better job of hanging onto the money you have, my Elite Money MASTERY group will get that job done for you.

Most people don't know this but the subconscious mind determines whether people will become rich and happy or remain poor and unhappy. Once people reprogram their subconscious mind (which is simple to do), it is easy to make, attract and/or maintain wealth and be extraordinarily happy too.

Once you join my elite Money Mastery group, all the information you need to make the kind of money you want (or keep the money you have) you will find on the inside. You will also find the information you need to reprogram your subconscious mind for both happiness and financial success.

In addition, you will have me as your personal coach for twelve months. My job is to make sure you succeed in not only making all of your financial dreams come true but to make sure you are as happy and content as you want to be, no matter how wealthy you decide to become.

Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone


Message from the Founder of the Elite Money Mastery Group

There is a lot of people, on the internet, competing for your dollars with their product or service. Most are reputable people, some are not. I am very different when it comes to wanting your money. I don't compete for it. That means I never ask for your e-mail address so I can send you one unwanted e-mail after another trying to convince you that you should sign up for my Elite Money Mastery Group. And I never offer you free gifts as a inducement to sign up for my group. My money mastery group is called Elite for a reason. It is superior to any money group currently available to you, it is the best of the best. My group is not for everyone but for the people who join my group, the value they receive from my Elite Money Mastery group is priceless. - Frederick Zappone, Founder, Elite Money Mastery Group


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Testimonials From Members of the

Elite Money Mastery Group

• My feelings about money before joining this group was stress, anxiety and despair. Now it's hopefulness, eagerness and KNOWING that financial abundance is coming my way. - Lynda Sutherland, Canada

• I have been reading Abraham and studying the law of attraction for years but never have I understood the relationship with money as clearly as I do now. It is so true that you have to find what works for you and I have found my path here! - Dionshae Williams, Texas

• Since joining the elite money ministry group I have change my entire belief system on how to attract money into my life. The money is flowing in and all I'm doing is living my life exactly how I want to by following my heart. - Victoria Everett, TX

•I find such energy and happiness joining with others in this group, all seeing great success around MONEY and Attracting Money into our day-to-day life. It's just freaking inspiring watching us all grow! The support and wisdom and practical instructions on how to fine tune our attraction points is just fun! Thank you Frederick! - Virginia S. Florida



Frederick Zappone's

'Elite Money MASTERY Group'

A confidential and private online group

Yes, I want to become a member of your Elite Money Mastery Group. Here is my one year membership fee of $1000.00.


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Attitudes About Money that Make a Difference

By Frederick Zappone

• Making money in abundance is the easiest thing in the world to do UNLESS you believe it is hard to do and then for you it will be. The reason that it will be hard for you to do is because your beliefs about money attracts to you 'proof and evidence' that confirms your beliefs are true (for you). According to your beliefs so shall it be for you and it always is. To change your results, change your beliefs.

• The moment you believed someone outside yourself is responsible for your financial condition is the moment you gave your power away to them to control your financial destiny so that you cannot.

• It is your DISBELIEF about how easy it is to make money in abundance that stops you from making money in abundance, nothing else stops you, only your disbelief.

• Worry about money is fear thought that pushes money and money-making ideas and opportunities away from you.

• The purpose of money is to provide you with the physical freedom to come and go and do as you please. People with very little money have very little freedom

• Money is not to be used to control people and have power over them. That is for people who live in fear. For people who live in love, money is to be used to inspire, empower and to have fun with people.

• The lack of money is never the problem, the lack of ideas on how to get it, is.

• People don't fail in regards to making the money they want because they aren't smart enough, they fail because they are not INSPIRED enough.

Yes, I want to become a member of your Elite Money Mastery Group. Here is my one year membership fee of $1000.00.


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Question: How come you charge $1,000 to become a member of your Elite Money Mastery Group?

Answer: Because the information in the group is worth it.


Question: A $1,000 is a lot of money.

Answer: It all depends on how you look at it. One thousand dollars for a one year membership in the Elite Money Mastery Group group comes out to less than $2.75 a day. If being inspired and empowered around money 24/7 isn't worth $2.75 a day to you then my Elite Money Mastery Group is probably not for you.

The people who are willing to invest $2.75 a day in themselves are the people who achieve financial independence for themselves in the shortest period of time possible and have FUN along the way.

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Membership fee is $83.35 a month

12 payment x $83.35 a month = $1000.20

(You can cancel your monthly membership fee anytime without penalty)



As soon as you make your payment, click on the Return to Frederick Zappone Button located on your payment receipt page to gain immediate access to my group.