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As long as you are RESISTING the way life is, you cannot have life be the way they want it to be.

Everything you want, out of life, lives on the other side of whatever you are resisting. Your resistance to the things you do not like keeps you attracting more things, into your life, that you do not like and do not want.

Resistance is the only thing that is stopping you from having the magical life you always thought was possible for you. As I explain in my short but extremely powerful book on the subject of surrender, the benefits of surrendering to all that life offers you are incredibly surreal.

For example, the moment you begin surrendering to what is, your body will begin to heal itself naturally. The moment you begin surrendering to what is, problems that you haven’t been able to solve for years will begin to dissolve and disappear, from your life, for no logical reason you can explain. And money problems will cease to exist for you as money begins moving into your life from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

All of these things will begin happening to you when you ‘consciously’ begin surrendering to everything unwanted, to everything you do not like.

Surrender is not about accepting defeat or giving up, far from it.

Surrender is about giving up what troubles you to the higher part of your personality that can effortlessly solve, resolve, fix, heal or make disappear from your life any situation or set of circumstances that makes you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person that you truly are.

In my book I explain how to surrender to any circumstance, situation or person that is stopping you from experiencing the life you want. I explain how to surrender to sickness so you can experience fully restored health.

I also explain how to surrender to ‘lack and scarcity’ of all kinds (including money and love) so you can experience money and love in abundance.




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