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In 'My Secrets of Being Happy Now' I share with you some AMAZING truths about being happy now regardless of your present sent of circumstances. Being happy now starts the process of attracting abundance to yourself in all forms including money, love and robust health.

Being HAPPY now triggers the benevolent forces of the universe to work behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor that never happen when you are unhappy.

It appears living in the NOW is the only place where REAL LIFE magic happens and the only place you can experience genuine happiness without needing anything or anyone to make you happy.

I discovered that being unhappy does not mean we are flawed or defective in some way. It turns out that being unhappy is an ALERT SIGNAL. It alerts us when we are not living in the now where our authentic power lives. It also ALERTS us when we are thinking the wrong thoughts for us or taking actions that are moving us further away from what we want.


As a result of being happy living in the 'here and now' (in spite of some pretty negative people and circumstances in my life.) my relationships got better, my health improved dramatically. The best part is my money situation improved in ways that defied logical explanation which has convinced me that 'being happy now' is the secret behind all miracles, large and small.

Today, I spend no time life living in the past and only look into the future long enough to see if there is anything I have to do NOW to make sure my future turns out like I planned it.

My Secrets of Being Happy NOW is filled with insights that makes living in the now easy to do. All of your power lives in the present, you have no power over the past because it is past and you have no power over the future because it has not yet arrived. Being happy now guarantees you that you will be happy in the future too and that all of your dreams will come true.


What people saying about my writings

•"I have studied tons of psychological literature in my work, from ancient times till present theories, and none of them allowed me to achieve such deep insights in such a short period of time as you material has." -Katerina Bosin M.D , Tennessee

• "The information in your writings gave me so many insights and answers. It is a jewel, a part of God speaking through this medium. It helps on all levels‘of development." There is more power in your writings than all of those lengthy books."- Thank You! Ciprian Ostap, Canada

• "I don't think I could have gotten through what I have, much less turned my life around, if I hadn't discovered your writings. You will never know the miracle you caused in my life." - Liz, CA

• "There is absolutely much more results with your information than there is with our psychological service. I can see God in you and feel His presence around you." Hilda, Western, Pennsylvania

• Honestly Mr. Zappone, had I not found you and your writings, I'd be dead right now. That is how much your writings touch my life. - Cathy K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• I have just started reading and I know these things are very true, as I have always known, but to read what has been handed to you makes it more real for me and much easier to believe in myself. Thank you both for the insights and the reinforcement I needed. - Donna Marie - Canada

• I believe your writings have hit the target. You have a way, through your writings, to hold our hands and guided us slowly and cautiously down a path and I admire that quality. - Terri

• The kind of writing that you are doing is what thousands of us are looking for. You write extremely well and get to the heart of the matter in a matter of minutes. - James Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan


My Secrets of Being Happy NOW

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